Pregnancy headbands

Electromagnetic anti-wave pregnancy bands


Protect your future baby from electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones, tablets, wi-fi networks, but also equipment producing radio frequencies such as microwave ovens ...

Many pregnant women understand that they should avoid cigarette smoke, alcohol, and be careful with their diet. But we must add to this the prolonged exposure to electromagnetic waves, which is a potential danger.

Very comfortable, the MySilverShield pregnancy headband is made of viscose and elastane knit. Supple, silky and stretchy, it is lined with our protective fabric made from pure silver thread.

Very practical to use and aesthetic at the same time, the headband can be worn throughout pregnancy by adapting to the evolution of the morphology of the future mother.

"I think it's a good product, born of a good idea! Since I am more for the precautionary principle, I like this product all the more. I tested by putting my cell phone in the banner, and it went straight to my email! "(Virginia)

The hermetically sealed band becomes a Faraday cage.