Parcel deliveries from €8 including tax in France, €9.50 including tax in Europe and 11.50 for the rest of the world.

Transport mode

The products will be delivered to the customer at the address he will have indicated on the order form, with the possibility of an additional cost for countries outside Europe, and possibly an inability to sell in certain countries: an informative email on this subject will be sent to the customer.

Depending on the weight and / or volume of the different products ordered, the customer has the choice between different modes of transport. MySilverShield reserves the right to charge a contribution to shipping costs below a certain order threshold. The participation requested is detailed and indicated before the order is confirmed. In the event that the address provided is incorrect or incomplete, MySilverShield will be entitled to claim payment of new delivery charges. 

Delivery delay 

A delivery deadline will be communicated to the customer before the validation of his order, taking into account the choice of the desired carrier. The applicable delivery times are those indicated during the validation of your order. They start to run from the dispatch of the order. Any order paid by check or money order will only be processed upon receipt of the payment method. Both availability and shipping times must be recalculated from the date of registration of this payment method.

Late delivery

In the event of a delay in delivery within 5 working days following the dispatch date indicated in the "Follow-up - dispatch notice" e-mail, the customer must contact our customer service using the "Contact us" form. . The customer must have previously contacted their post office or collection office. A carrier investigation will be opened with the carrier at the request of MySilverShield in order to locate your package. This investigation can last up to 21 working days from the date of opening. If during this period, the package is found, it will be forwarded as soon as possible to the customer's home (except for deliveries to a collection point). Beyond that, the package will be considered lost.

Any delay in delivery must be notified to us within 21 working days of dispatch, to allow the carrier to conduct a reliable investigation. At the close for loss of the investigation, we will send the customer a replacement product (return at our expense), or we will refund it on request. If the product (s) ordered were to no longer be available, the customer may obtain reimbursement for the products concerned by the carrier's confirmed declaration of loss. It is recalled that no refund or return of product can be made before the end of the investigation.