Electromagnetic waves have been at the heart of debates for several years and have raised concerns about their harmfulness to our health.

As a precaution, MySilverShield has designed a case for Smartphones which acts as a “shield” anti-waves.
This anti-wave "shield" allows smartphone users to protect themselves from potentially harmful waves emitted by the device when it comes into contact with the body during calling or transport.

Our product is patented in France, Europe, Canada and the United States. In addition to the smartphone cases MySilverShield
has developed 2 other anti-radiation products which are:
- Protection cards to be inserted in its pockets in order to create a barrier between products emitting electromagnetic waves and the body.
- Pregnancy bands to protect the unborn baby from environments saturated with electromagnetic waves.

The electromagnetic wave blocking efficiency of our products has been tested by the independent laboratory French EMITECH which is COFRAC certified.
The test results are available and accessible on our site.

Silver thread, known for its anti-radiation protective properties, is woven from stainless steel and provides mobile phone users with real protection against electromagnetic radiation.

During a telephone conversation, the magnetic flap of the case must be kept closed to ensure optimal protection, without affecting the quality of the transmission and reception of calls.

You are also protected when you keep the phone in one of your pockets by putting the flap on the inside. In addition, the MySilverShield anti-radiation case also protects your phone from bumps and scratches.


“A loyal customer for more than 5 years of phone cases and recently of protective fabric, I am very, very satisfied with their efficiency!

For example, if I wrap my phone in the anti-radiation fabric, wi-fi and 4G are instantly turned off. When I use my phone or my computer for a long time, I put the cloth on my stomach.

The phone cases are of good quality, made of leather and with a soft phone clip that makes it easy to remove and reposition.

They protect the ear really well, and in the pocket I always put the anti-radiation side towards my body. We really feel the difference. Depending on the user, a case can last between 6 months to 2 years, or even more.

These are very beautiful products that I recommend. "

Julie, Care Flowers

“Bored by the proliferation of electromagnetic waves and the resulting nuisances, I have long been interested in products offered on the market aimed at protecting people from potentially harmful effects.

I tried Calicea's anti-radiation cases several years ago, and with each change of device, when the dimensions of the new mobile are different from those of the old one, I approach Calicea to find out the case that would be best suited to ensure optimal protection, knowing that now each member of my family no longer plans to receive or make a phone call without the case of his cell phone is well positioned to provide this optimal protection.

We currently have several Samsung Galaxy book format leather cases, for essential use. In addition, the welcome given by the Calicea team is remarkable: availability, listening, advice, remote shipment management if necessary, and above all, kindness! "

Jeanny Diot