Patented and tested

Our anti-radiation cases are patented in France, Europe, the United States and Canada.

The performance of MySilverShield shielding were measured by Emitech,
a COFRAC accredited laboratory.

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Cross section of our anti-radiation cases

Electromagnetic waves have been at the center of debate for several years and have raised concern about their harmfulness to our health.
As a precaution, MySilverShield has designed a case for Smartphones that acts as an anti-radiation "shield".

This anti-radiation "shield" waves allows smartphone users to protect themselves from potentially harmful waves
emitted by the device when it is in contact with the body during the call or transport phases.
In addition to smartphone cases MySilverShield has developed 2 other anti-radiation products which are:

- Protection cards to be inserted in one's pocket in order
to create a barrier between products emitting electromagnetic waves and the body.

- Pregnancy headbands to protect the future baby from environments saturated with electromagnetic waves.

The latest news

The iPhone 12 and Exceeding the SAR Threshold: What are the Implications?

Apple received a notification from the ANFR yesterday, informing it that the iPhone 12 exceeded the specific absorption rate (SAR) threshold. In other words, the telephone emits too many electromagnetic waves with regard to the legislation: “Its SAR is 5.7 watts per kilogram while the threshold is 4 W/kg,” specifies the minister.

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Electromagnetic Wave Protective Clothing: Armor Against Invisible Waves

Electromagnetic waves are an integral part of our modern life. They allow us to communicate, to browse the Internet, and to take advantage of technology in many ways.

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Preventing your mobile from being tracked

These days, apps and online services often have access to your phone's location information, which can be an invasion of your privacy. By using a Faraday pouch, you can be sure that your phone will not transmit this information.

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