Patented and tested

Our anti-radiation cases are patented in France, Europe, the United States and Canada.

The performance of MySilverShield shielding were measured by Emitech,
a COFRAC accredited laboratory.

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Electromagnetic waves have been at the center of debate for several years and have raised concern about their harmfulness to our health.
As a precaution, MySilverShield has designed a case for Smartphones that acts as an anti-radiation "shield".

This anti-radiation "shield" waves allows smartphone users to protect themselves from potentially harmful waves
emitted by the device when it is in contact with the body during the call or transport phases.
In addition to smartphone cases MySilverShield has developed 2 other anti-radiation products which are:

- Protection cards to be inserted in one's pocket in order
to create a barrier between products emitting electromagnetic waves and the body.

- Pregnancy headbands to protect the future baby from environments saturated with electromagnetic waves.

The latest news

Complex Effects of EMFs on Our Hard-to-Measure Cells

The science is clear that electromagnetic radiation from mobile devices can cause or contribute to a wide range of health problems and complaints. The effects of EMFs range from minor complaints like headaches and visual sensitivities to infertility and even cancer.

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Male fertility: the use of the telephone would harm the quality of sperm

The radiations emitted by mobile phones can cause damage to the brain, heart or kidneys. But they would also have a detrimental effect on the motility, concentration and viability of spermatozoa.

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Geneviève Andrianaly

The precautionary principle above all.

Invisible, electromagnetic waves can, beyond certain thresholds, have disruptive and potentially harmful effects. The smartphone which is currently the transmitter/receiver closest to our body emits waves during communications, but also when we transfer files or update applications, or simply when the smartphone identifies itself to the antenna to communicate its position.

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