Our terms and conditions of sales

The mySilverShield website is published by Calicea with a capital of 20,000 euros, 52868457400023, FR41 528 684 574 located in France. The director of the publication of the site is the manager of the company Calicea. The site is hosted on the servers of the company OVH.

The company publishes a website that offers, excluding any other service except written contractual stipulation, the sale of protective cases, including MySilverShield branded smartphone cases belonging to Calicea.

For information before ordering, use the "Contact us" form on our website.

If the customer wishes to follow the execution of his order, exercise his right of retraction, request the application of the warranty of his product, or for any information and questions, our customer service is available through the "Contact us" form.

Customers can also access their online order on their customer account via the site, which also provides access to online tracking of all their orders.

The site is presented in French. These include the following information: the essential characteristics of the goods on offer, as well as their price in euros, and the participation in the postage costs when it is effective, details on the terms of exercise of your right of withdrawal, the duration of the offer' validity.

Terms and conditions of sale

Any order that the customer places on this site is subject to these terms and conditions of sale, as well as to the specific conditions governing the purchase of certain associated services. The purpose of these GVCs is to define the sales regime and the rights and obligations that flow from them.

To the extent that the customer orders the products online, his agreement regarding the content of these terms and conditions of sale does not require a handwritten signature.

The contract for the sale of a property purchased on the site consists of the general terms of sale in effect at the time of the order and the purchase order.

We can regularly adapt the text of the general terms of sale. We also invite the customer to read the version in force on the day of his order.

To this end, the customer has the ability to download, save and reproduce the terms and conditions.


The terms of the offers

Our product offers and prices are valid as long as they are visible on the site, within the limits of available stocks. We inform the customer of the availability of items sold on the site on the information page of each item. If the service is interrupted, no orders can be taken care of.

In the event that an order has been made before the suspension of the service, and this suspension results in the impossibility of delivering the requested product to the customer, MySilverShield reserves the possibility to offer as soon as possible an equivalent product of equivalent price (change of color, shape ...). If accepted by the customer, this product would be sent to him as soon as possible. In the event of a refusal, or inability for MySilverShield to issue the product, a full refund will take place within a maximum of 30 days.

For products not stored in our warehouses, our offers are valid subject to availability at our suppliers. In this context, information on the availability of the products is provided at the time of the order. This information comes directly from our suppliers, errors or changes can exceptionally occur.

In the event of unavailability of unst stocked products after the customer's order is placed, we will notify them by email as soon as possible.

In case of unavailability within the specified time frame, we reserve the possibility to offer the customer a replacement an item of equivalent quality and price. In this case, the costs of returns following the possible exercise of the right of withdrawal will be borne by us. In the event that we cannot provide the customer with an item of equivalent quality and price, or if the customer does not want this item of equivalent quality and price, he may cancel his order.

In the event of permanent downtime, and if we cannot provide the customer with an item of equivalent quality and price, the order will be cancelled automatically.

Unless the customer wants an alternative for an equivalent product, their unavailable order will be automatically cancelled and will be refunded if their bank account has been debited.

Product identification

The photographs, texts, graphics, technical sheets are derived from the documentations developed by the manufacturer, reproduced under its control and with its agreement.

If the customer makes a purchase in order to make a co-ordinated or compatibility with a product already in his possession, he must clearly express this need, because we could not be required to have compatibility difficulties whose causes we could not anticipate.

The photos presenting the products are not contractual, the quality of the photos received depends on the setting made by the user of his computer.

It should be noted that the protective cases sold by MySilverShield are suitable for normal use, and that any contrary use, such as that which a child might make of them, cannot be the responsibility of the seller.

Marketing products

The products we offer comply with the laws and electrical and electronic safety standards applicable in Europe and France. These products are CE-certified, and therefore allowed to be marketed in the European Union (certification according to legal and European obligations, so some products may not be).

In the particular case where a package does not contain a French-language paper notice, MySilverShield undertakes to make this supplement available to you in paper or digital form, depending on our possibilities. You will need to apply through the "Contact us" form.

For any purchase for export, the customer must verify the specificity of the laws in force of the country concerned, whether for taxes, declarations, prohibitions, etc.

Our liability cannot be incurred in the event of non-compliance with the laws of the country where the product is delivered. It is up to the customer to check with local authorities for the possibilities of importing or using products or services.

Purchases for business use

We are not intended to sell to professionals via the MySilverShield website, even if the products offered have performance compatible with professional uses.

In the event of a purchase made on the consumer site for professional use, the customer must appreciate the compatibility of the performance with the intended uses. Our site cannot be responsible for any harm that is the result of a professional activity.


Information when ordering

To register on the site, you must enter an email address and personal information. The customer receives a confirmation email. If your password is lost, it is possible to receive a new one by entering the registration email address.

The customer must verify the completeness and compliance of the information he provides during the order, including the delivery address.

We could not be held responsible for any typing errors, and the consequences that result (e.g. delays or delivery errors). In this context, the costs incurred for the re-shipment of the order would be borne by the customer.


Prices posted on the site are shown in euros all French taxes included (French VAT and other applicable taxes), excluding participation in shipping costs, order processing fees and gift wrapping costs.

Any promotional price is shown next to the product concerned.

Online payment

By validating the purchase order, the customer guarantees to have the necessary permissions to use the payment method he has chosen.

We certify that payment card details are encrypted, and that they never pass through the network in plain sight. The payment is made directly with the bank.


The person receiving the package

If the customer entrusts the receipt of the product to a third party (building concierge, hostess at work ...) the latter receives the parcel on his behalf and on his behalf.

He is responsible in this capacity, and the client must therefore ask him to be vigilant about the follow-up of the usual precautions and remind him to bring to the received thing the same care as if he himself was personally the recipient.

For any parcel delivered without the customer's signature, they must file a delivery challenge with us within 15 days of the date of shipment.

The customer undertakes to be particularly vigilant when receiving his order about his verification and the finding of a possible anomaly.

The initial audit

The customer must check (or have the receiving agent verify) the apparent condition of the products on delivery with the delivery driver. Regardless of the carrier and in the presence of an apparent anomaly (damage, product missing from the delivery voucher, externally damaged parcel, abnormal noise, broken products, etc.), he must refuse the package.

Failing that, the customer must:

· unpack the package in the presence of the delivery driver,

· write detailed handwritten reserves by having the delivery man sign next door. The reserves taken by the recipient for delivery are proof of the existence and extent of the damage. The client must be precise and complete in his writings (the simple mention "subject to unpacking" is too general and imprecise),

· notify by letter by letter with acknowledgement of a reasoned protest letter to its carrier within 3 days of receipt,

· inform MySilverShield by email, customer space or registered mail within 3 business days of delivery of your parcel,

For probationary reasons, the customer must provide photographs on all sides of his package within the same time frame.

At the slightest problem at reception, the customer must keep the items in the condition in which they were delivered (including accessories, notices, packaging and overpacking).

If the products need to be returned, the customer will submit an email return request to "Contact us." This request will be accompanied, if necessary, by the copy of the mail addressed to the carrier, the "spoliation report" (finding 170 for the Post Office) or the "anomaly report" obtained from the carrier. As a precaution, the client must keep a duplicate of this form. In the event of no transport-related anomaly, the request for the return number can be made by telephone from our customer service. The return will be made in accordance with the terms of these CGVs.

In any event, these precautions do not interfere with the benefit of legal guarantees and the exercise of the right of retraction. However, in order for his retraction to be accepted, the client must have informed us of the anomaly or plunder beforehand.

Some carriers may be required to conduct a home inspection to determine the status of the package delivered prior to its removal, and if necessary a rerouting to our after-sales service, accompanied by an impact notification.

Anomaly or plunder

In the context of a delivery made by the Post Office, if the parcel arrives open and/or damaged (especially with the presence of the yellow scotch La Poste) the customer must refuse it.

If the client or his agent decides to accept the goods, they must:

· inscribe detailed handwritten reservations on the anomaly found,

· at the same time complete an "anomaly report" as the application for the regulation of the Post Office. This form will have to be sent to us so that we can open an investigation and start a compensation procedure if necessary.

If the customer or his agent prefers to refuse the goods, in addition to the "detailed handwritten reservations" to be issued, the customer must ask the carrier that the parcel be returned to us, accompanied by a "report of plunder" (finding 170). Preventively, the client must keep a duplicate of this form.

In the context of a delivery made by other carriers, whether or not the customer accepts delivery, for any package opened and/or damaged, he must issue "detailed handwritten reservations" which he will notify on the delivery slip and which he will inform us by mail, as well as the carrier, within 3 working days of delivery.

Some carriers may be required to conduct a home inspection to determine the status of the package delivered prior to its removal, and if necessary a rerouting to our after-sales service, accompanied by an impact notification.

Delivery error

In the event that the customer receives a delivery not intended for him, he must refuse the package. In case he accepts it, he must keep the parcel as it is and inform our customer service immediately either by phone or by logging on to our website where, after identifying himself and selecting the corresponding order number, he will make his remark through a drop-down menu.

In the event of a non-compliant product, the customer will be able to make his complaints to our customer service either by phone or by logging on to our website where, after identifying himself and selecting the corresponding order number, he can ask a question or make a request through a drop-down menu.

The client will have to describe precisely the reasons for the non-compliance.

In accordance with Article 1376 of the Civil Code, in the event that the customer receives an order that is not intended for him, he is then obliged to return it. Failing that, MySilverShield will be entitled to charge him for the product he received.


Return with assignment of a processing number

We will make every effort to regularize any problems encountered as soon as possible. The customer can contact our technical assistance at any time.

To ensure better processing of return, the effectiveness of the diagnosis and the speed of the intervention of manufacturers, a request for return will have to be made directly indicating the reasons for return via your customer space or the "Contact us" form.

A return voucher will then be sent by email to be attached upon return of the product. The return is the responsibility of the customer.

Certain documents related to the parcel may be claimed from the customer, who must therefore remain in possession of all items received (including packaging for product safety reasons) until his claims are fully resolved.

In case of return to the company's head office and not to the SAV, the parcel will be refused and automatically returned to the sender.

Full return of order: documents - packaging - product

Upon return, the customer must over-package the original packaging of his products, as we will only be able to take back the products returned in their entirety (packaging, cables, accessories, warranty coupons, manuals, cases, caches, protections, etc.) with their original packaging, the whole to be intact and in good condition.

The customer must accompany his return with a double of the bill.

The refund or exchange assumes that the customer did not damage the product, or that he did not return it incomplete.

Failing that, MySilverShield will be entitled to apply a discount on the returned product. In case the product arrives unwryed and damaged to the SAV, MySilverShield reserves the right to return the product to the customer as it is.

Risks of return

In the absence of a prepaid label, the customer must return the product:

· declaring the value of the product, as it is the result of the purchase invoice

· ensuring the perfect coverage of the insurance of the risks of return, in relation to the purchase bill.

In fact, in case of a return to the customer's expense and without supplementary insurance, the carrier will compensate him only up to the legal scale.

Apparent error or non-compliance

Upon receipt of the reasoned request, we will assign a return number to the relevant products,(x) which will be immediately communicated to the customer.

In the event of a delivery error on the ordered product reference or apparent non-compliance, a prepaid label will also be addressed to the customer by mail, in order to return this product (s) at our expense (unless we call directly a carrier for a resumption of the goods at your home, depending on the mode of transport going through the product).

In the presence of a prepaid label, returns are then to be addressed quickly to our after-sales service with their original packaging, complete and in good condition, with an apparent mention of the return number on the package and the voucher back slipped inside. In any case, the customer must choose a suitable packaging for the return.


The duration of the right of withdrawal

The customer has a withdrawal period of 14 calendar days to return at his own expense the products that do not suit him. These deadlines run from the day after the product is received.

When this period expires on a weekend, public holiday or year off, it is extended until the next business day.

As these deadlines have expired, the client no longer has this right of withdrawal, except in case the client cannot travel and or simultaneously he would need to call for an immediate and necessary service. In this case, he would continue to exercise his right of withdrawal without having to justify reasons or pay penalties.

The exercise of the right of withdrawal

Following the health restrictions related to COVID-19, we would like to inform our kind customers that Calicea, as well as the manufacturer, will not be able to make any refunds or exchanges of clothing or textiles. This decision was taken with the aim of guaranteeing the safety of our customers and staff, in accordance with the health directives in force.

In order to ensure the proper management of returns, the customer must first notify our customer service of his return by sending this form, or by connecting to the site in the "Follow your order" section within which, after identification and determination of the order number, he can ask a question or make a request through a drop-down menu. A return number will then be assigned to the customer.

For any right of withdrawal, the customer can request either the refund of the sums collected or an exchange of an amount equivalent to the sums paid, or if necessary with a bank supplement in accordance with the legal provisions in force. This right of withdrawal is exercised without penalty. However, the return costs remain at the customer's expense. The customer must ensure that the order for which he retracts is returned completely, under the conditions listed above.

The effect of the right of withdrawal

In the event of the exercise of the right of withdrawal, we will refund the customer within 30 days of receiving the return, taking into account the specific nature of the products sold, especially when the product requires a technical check by our after-sales service (these products must be tested in all cases). The customer will then be reimbursed, as the case may be, by a re-credit system (secure transaction) in case of payment by bank card, by a new voucher in case of payment by voucher, or by cheque in other cases.