Questions and answers on electromagnetic waves

What is blocking the radio-waves?

The materials used for electromagnetic shielding are metal foils and grids, ionized gases and plasmas. Shielding electromagnetic waves is all about the holes! Metal sheets and grids, the holes in these materials must be smaller than the wavelength of the radiation to be blocked. For example, aluminum screens with a mesh size of 100 microns will filter out 99% of X-rays.

How to block the waves of a cell phone?

  • Switch off your phone at night or put it in airplane mode.
  • Do not sleep next to your smartphone.
  • Use an anti-radiation case on your phone.
  • Learn to limit the use of your cell phone.

So which protection to choose?

Electromagnetic waves are invisible, but they are felt.

"Anti-wave" lozenges, patches and cones have not been shown to be effective.

Do you feel the effects of electromagnetic waves? We are all subjected to it, and it can exhaust you, with headaches. They are emitted by electronic devices, including computers, televisions, lamps, microwaves, cell phones and even light bulbs.

The good news is that with anti-radiation shielding, you can reduce exposure to all of these waves. It is a solution adopted by electrosensitive people.

People with electrosensitivity may choose to shield themselves from electromagnetic waves with metal shielded cloth, anti-wave cases for smartphones (silver shielding), and special carbon graphite paints.

Protection anti ondes électromagnétiques