Le laboratoire agrée par l'Agence nationale des fréquences

The performance of MySilverShield shielding was measured by Emitech (www.emitech.fr), a COFRAC accredited laboratory.

These tests (carried out with an iPhone 11) made it possible to assess the level of protection offered by the MySilverShield case and show an attenuation of the SAR level* of:

- 80.7% in the LTE800 frequency band

- 85.2% in the GSM900 frequency band

- 83.6% in the WCDMA2100 frequency band

- 92.4% in the LTE2600 frequency band

* The SAR or Specific Absorption Rate is an index indicating the quantity of energy carried by the waves received by the user from a device when it is operating at full power and in the worst conditions of use.

iPhone 11 French test results in 2021

Anti-radiations test results in English iPhone 11 en 2021

Pregnancy band test results in 2021

Results of previous tests carried out in 2015

Test en 2015 avec un Apple iPhone 6 en Français.

Test in 2015 with an Apple iPhone 6 in English.