A1 anti-wave stereo headphones
A1 anti-wave stereo headphones
A1 anti-wave stereo headphones
A1 anti-wave stereo headphones
A1 anti-wave stereo headphones
A1 anti-wave stereo headphones
A1 anti-wave stereo headphones
A1 anti-wave stereo headphones

A1 anti-wave stereo headphones

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The "Air Tube" technology produces a particular acoustic as in a concert.

It also avoids the radiation of electromagnetic waves running along the copper wire into the ear, as do conventional headphones.

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VAT applied 20%, exempt for deliveries outside the EEC.


Full length of wire: 135 cm
Length of air tubes: 16 cm
Earbuds provided with 3 tips (S/M/L)
Microphone built into the stop-and-go button
3.5mm jack jack / 4 gold-plated stereo poles

Conventional wired headphones propagate HF microwaves along the body and into the user's ear. Which increases exposure considerably at high power levels (W/kg). Even more so are Bluetooth headsets which use 2.4 GHz microwave technology. This is very strongly limited with the black Aircom A1 earbuds in a reliable manner thanks to a particular technology of black plastic tube which only transmits audible sound without HF microwaves.


Mobile phones and conventional hands-free kits are known to increase exposure to microwaves of different parts of the body, especially the head. This is due to the conductivity of the wire. It is true that this already reduces the power, but not enough according to the measurements.

The AIRCOM A1 black stereo headset is capable of reducing your exposure to HF microwaves by more than 99% according to laboratory tests conducted by Unical Entreprise Inc. (USA) - (SAR evaluation report from 2002 - DAS/ SAR between 0.0009 to 0.0023 mW/g).

The AIRCOM A1 black stereo headset also reduces the diffusion of low LF frequencies thanks to the special acoustic system with integrated electronic amplifier. The operating principle is the same as that used every day by doctors with their stethoscope. It is a flexible plastic pipe that transmits sound.

The latest generation of AIRCOM sound amplification technology is used to guarantee very clear, crystal-clear sound. It improves understanding and at the same time makes the sound very comfortable.

Two special earpieces surrounded by wood topped with a small, ergonomic black plug go into the ear. The black cap is also an insulator against external noise. Three sizes of black tips are delivered and easily adjust even to children's ears. The population of children and adolescents must be protected as early as possible! The ideal is not to use a cell phone before the age of 15.

Not only is the design very elegant but it is also mechanically resistant.

earpiece - headset aircom A1A mini on/off switch with integrated microphone: to turn the microphone on or off is located on the kit wire of the Aircom headset. It is possible to take the incoming call, mute it by holding the switch for two seconds, but also mute the sound (mute function) by quickly pressing the switch during the call and press again briefly to take it back. In addition, it is possible to use this same function to listen to music or mute it in the earpiece. The built-in microphone does not need to be directly near the mouth for the conversation to be understandable.

Aircom A1

The pair of micro earphones contains air tube technology which delivers very intense sound. In addition to having small micro earphones, there is no loss of sound quality. Behind the sound, the headphones have a black finish that highlights the sleek and sleek design.


This earpiece only conducts sound through an air tube so you hear the music perfectly like a live concert. The transmission of sound through an air tube is more natural and balanced, highlighting the true quality of your music.


A patented sound technology that uses a sound-conducting tube to increase the space in which air circulates and the development of sound. This ensures a better listening experience "live" in your body .


Triple coat semi-gloss finish in black color


insulation caps for size S/M/L earbuds.

The Aircom A1 headset is delivered as standard with a round "jack" of 3.5 mm² section corresponding to most models of GSM cell phones and smartphones or mp3 players.


Originally, all brands of recent smartphones are compatible with 3.5 mm female audio headphone jacks.

For current iPhones, you just need to add an original lightning mini audio jack adapter (avoid copies) sold in all iPhone accessories stores.

Box contents

A box with three black caps in sizes S, M, L;

a black Aircom A1 headset, instructions in English and French.


Complete length of the wire constituting the hands-free kit: +-135 cm

Length of the two air tubes (each): 16 cm

Kit color: black, black air tubes

Six sound insulation caps: sizes S,M,L

A microphone integrated into the on-off/mute button

Two mini stereo headphones with speaker.

impedance: 16 Ohms

Input sensitivity: 97 dB at 1 KHz

Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 KHz (20-20KHz input voltage 126 mV)

plug: 3.5mm/4-pole stereo jack

two sound amplifiers conform to AIRCOM technology

A packaging box with instructions


To prevent damage to the ear, the manufacturer recommends that your hearing be less than 85 dB. For example, a conversation generally emits +- 60 dB and a rock concert in a stadium is +- 110 dB. A decibel (dB) is the unit of measurement for sound.

Reduce the volume on your music listening device before inserting the Aircom A5 earbuds. Once the earbuds are connected to the sound output, gradually increase the volume to a moderate level.

OSHA (USA) has established the following exposure limits: 90 dB 8 hours

95 dB 4 hours

100 dB 2 hours

105 dB 1 hour

110 dB 30 minutes


Your product must be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the first 6 months from the date of purchase. The warranty is anyway two years.

Defects that occur within this warranty period, depending on normal care and use of the product must be repaired or the item replaced without charge. However, shipping and handling fees may apply.

This warranty does not cover problems or damage resulting from accident, misuse or unauthorized repair, modification or disassembly.

User Tips for Warranty:

1° Avoid leaving the headset plugged into the audio jack of the laptop when it is stored in a bag (women in general). This tends to create excessive mechanical traction on the wires of the headset jack and thus cause the wires to break prematurely and this is not covered by the warranty since it is not a hidden defect, but a excess traction produced by customer use.

2° Do not wrap the wire around the laptop for the same reasons.

3° In the office or in the car, if the wire is completely relaxed between the cell phone and the user's ear, no worries!

4° Store the headset once used in a separate pouch (bag or cover) and if possible on the move, when receiving a call ask the interlocutor to wait in order to connect the headset at that moment.

Attention! For hygiene reasons we never exchange opened equipment.

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