Anti-wave scarf
Anti-wave scarf
Anti-wave scarf
Anti-wave scarf
Anti-wave scarf
Anti-wave scarf

Anti-wave scarf

Delivery times 5 to 8 days
Tax included Delivery time 5 to 8 working days

HF (High frequency)

The scarf is an indispensable fashion accessory in the wardrobe. We wrap ourselves in our scarf to protect ourselves stylishly from the elements. For the fall-winter season 2020/2021, the check print is a fashion must-have. Therefore we present our new model Gordon which can be worn by both men and women. This double-sided scarf is made of camel-coloured Jersey- Pied De Poule on one side. The other side is in matching beige nicky cotton. This adds an even softer touch to the scarf. Of course it is also lined with a screen fabric that will block high frequencies very effectively. The dimensions of the scarf are approximately 145 cm long and 35 cm wide.


VAT applied 20%, exempt for deliveries outside the EEC.


Frequency / Application (MHz) Decibel (dB) Percent (%)
Tetra 450 450MHz 30dB 99,9%
LTE 800 800MHz 40dB 99,99%
GSM 900 900MHz 40dB 99,99%
GSM 1800 1800MHz 30dB 99,9%
DECT 1800 1800MHz 30dB 99,9%
UMTS 2000 2000MHz 30dB 99,9%
WLAN 2400 2400MHz 20dB 99%
LTE 2600 2600MHz 20dB 99%
WLAN 5800 5800MHz 20dB 99%

Care instructions
Washing temperature: 30°C (delicates)
Ironing temperature: Level 1 - Gentle ironing
Dryer: Do not dry in a dryer
Bleaching: Bleaching not allowed - No detergents with bleach.
Cleaning: No dry cleaning

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