Could your phone be giving you headaches?

Although some studies have suggested that cell phone use causes migraines and not other headaches, there is strong evidence to the contrary. Using a phone can cause headaches for a variety of reasons, from eye strain to poor posture, etc.

Cell phone use can cause an increase in headaches in adults, teens and young children, which means limiting the time spent looking at your cell phone can be beneficial at any age.

This article explores how phones can cause migraines and headaches headaches, and what you can do to help reduce these pains.

Symptoms associated with cell phone use

Cell phone use can cause migraines, headaches and other symptoms including dizziness, eyestrain, neck pain, etc.

The more you use your mobile phone , the more likely you are to develop migraines and other symptoms.

The number of hours you spend on your phone is directly related to the frequency of your headaches. Researchers are confident that cell phone use is the cause of the headaches because there is a temporal association, meaning that symptoms usually occur after, not before, use of these devices.

Interestingly, while migraines and other symptoms typically occur within hours of prolonged cell phone use, one study found a much later effect. Children who were exposed to cell phone use before birth were just as likely to have headaches as children who used cell phones during the first seven years of childhood.

The study authors could not explain this surprising result and suggested that the influence of prenatal cellphone exposure on headaches is complicated to disentangle.

How Cell Phones Can Cause Migraines

Cell phone use involves several factors that can contribute to headaches, including staring at light on the screen, straining the eyes, bending over in a posture hunched over, use hands and fingers to type or play games, and use the phone to make calls.

How blue light strains your eyes.

All of these activities have been shown to contribute to migraines and their associated symptoms. Fixing the problem requires a number of strategies, including:

Adjusting the light on your screen so it's not too bright

Adjusting the font size on your phone for prevent eye strain.

Be sure to vary your posture (sitting, standing, and using different types of back support).

Consider using dictation for emails and texts.

Pause when your fingers or hands are tense.

Use the speakerphone setting when possible instead to hold the phone to your ear.

Reducing your cell phone use

It's not easy reduce cell phone use. Many people have smartphones, which provide access to the internet and conveniences, such as real-time maps and directions. Availability via email or other means of electronic communication is expected in many jobs.

Parents like to be available in case the children get sick at school or need picking up after school. activities. And, cell phones also give people the ability to socialize and find information and entertainment quickly.

However, there are some strategies to reduce cell phone use that can help relieve stress. headaches:

Plan some technology-free time in your home, especially during meals and family time.

Use settings that give you audible alerts when you receive a message from certain people and put your phone on silent if not, checking it at regular intervals.

Put your cell phone somewhere other than your room at night.

Look for a pass -time that takes you away from technology, such as swimming, being in nature, painting, playing board games, or going to the library.

A word

Managing or avoiding triggers is an essential part of treating depression. has a migraine. That being said, avoiding screen time altogether is probably unreasonable for most people. Not only is technology an essential part of the functioning of daily life, but it can also provide comfort and pleasure.

The take-home message here is moderation. If you find a pattern between prolonged screen exposure and your migraines, cutting back is a good idea. In fact, you may find that reducing screen time not only reduces your migraines, but also improves your quality of life and overall well-being, giving you time to engage in other activities. rewarding.

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