Radiation from mobile telephony exerts a genotoxic action and reinforces significantly the effects of gamma radiation on human cells

Dimitris J. Panagopoulos1,2,3

1:Laboratoire de recherche Choremeion, 1ère clinique pédiatrique, faculté de médecine, Université nationale et capodistrienne d'Athènes.

2:Centre national de recherche scientifique « Demokritos », Athènes, Grèce

3:Laboratoire de recherche EMF-Biophysique, Athènes, Grèce 

lésions chromosomiques

Abstract. I have previously reported chromosomal damage in human peripheral blood lymphocytes (HPBL) induced by: a) electromagnetic fields (EMF)/electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from mobile telephony (MT), b) high dose of caffeine , and c) the combination of the two stress factors.

The HPBL of the same subjects exposed to gamma radiation at doses of 0.1, 0.3 or 0.5 Gy presented more aberrations than those exposed to MT EMF or high dose of caffeine in a dose-dependent manner. When cells exposed to these doses of gamma radiation were pre-exposed to a single 15-minute MT EMF exposure, the number of aberrations increased significantly more than the sum of the number of stressor-induced aberrations.

Thus, exposure to MT EMF at a power density approximately 136 times lower than the latest exposure limit of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection ( ICNIRP), in addition to being genotoxic in itself, has considerably improved the genotoxic action of gamma radiation. Since gamma radiation at similar doses is applied for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, people should be aware of the increased risk during treatment periods.

The comparison of genotoxic action between MT EMF and gamma radiation shows that the ICNIRP limits are, at least, about 4.5 × 104 times less stringent than the gamma radiation limits.

Electromagnetic fields from wireless communications and effects on health.

The peer-reviewed scientific literature already includes a large number of studies on the harmful effects of anthropogenic electromagnetic fields (EMF), particularly those used in modern wireless communications (WC), including mobile phone devices (MT) and base antennas. cordless home phones called DECT (Digitally Enhanced Wireless Telecommunications) phones, Internet connection routers called Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi), “Blue-tooth” wireless connections between electronic devices, etc.

All WC EMFs always combine radio frequency (RF)/microwave carrier waves (on the order of GHz in most cases) with extremely low frequency (ELF) modulation and pulsing (3–3,000 Hz). Pulsing is used in order to increase the amount of various information transmitted (speech, text, images, video, Internet, etc.), and the number of users communicating simultaneously with the same antenna and performing different tasks (called multiplexing) . . Additionally, all WC signals display random variability mainly in the ultra-low frequency (ULF) band (0 to 3 Hz).

. There is ample evidence that the most bioactive components of complex WC signals are the ELF/ULF components of modulation, pulsation, and variability.

Pure RF (actually WC) and ELF EMFs have been classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as potentially carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B).

Pure RF (actually WC) and ELF EMFs have been classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) (IARC 2002, 2013; Baan et al. 2011). Based on more recent scientific evidence after the 2011 IARC classification for RF EMFs, several studies have suggested that RF EMFs (actually WC) should be re-evaluated and classified as probably carcinogenic (Group 2A) or carcinogenic (Group 1 ) for the man. (Yakymenko et al. 2011, 2016, 2018; Hardell et al.

In addition, it is demonstrated that the majority of studies carried out with WC EMFs simulated with fixed parameters emitted by generators (following the IARC recommendations) largely underestimate the biological activity of highly variable actual WC EMF exposures from commercially available devices and antennas.

rayonnements gamma sur les cellules humaines
Les effets des CEM sur la santé

Mobile phones and commercially available base antennas are a common type of modern MT/WC EMF/EMR. While the Global System for Mobile Telecommunications (GSM) 2G is still in use, and 4G – a combination of UMTS or GSM for voice and an enhancement of UMTS with a carrier frequency of up to 2.6 GHz for high-speed Internet access called UMTS Long-Term Evolution (LTE) – is today the most used, the installation of the 5G MT/WC system by the telecommunications industry called New Radio (NR) is in progress. right path.

This involves, in addition to the already existing carrier frequencies, even higher frequencies (up to 100 GHz), additional ELF pulses called synchronization signal blocks (SSB), multi -flows called "multiple input multiple output" (MIMO), antenna arrays for directional beams of potentially increased intensity and a much denser array of base antennas of potentially increased power to compensate for the broadcast loss of energy due to higher carrier frequencies
(Sesia et al. 2011; Dahlman et al. 2018; Hardell and Carlberg 2020; Hardell and Nyberg 2020; Many biology experts.

EMF health effects have expressed strong objections to the deployment of 5G, fearing a greatly increased health risk based on the aforementioned differences by compared to previous MT/WC systems (McClelland and Jaboin 2018; Miller et al.
2018, 2019; Panagopoulos 2019a, 2019b, 2020, 2023; Hardell and Carlberg 2020; Hardell and Nyberg 2020; Kostoff et al.

Numerous studies have reported genotoxic effects of RF/microwave EMF (actually WC) and pure ELF EMF on a variety of organisms and cell/tissue types (see reviews in Phillips et al. 2009; Panagopoulos 2019b, 2023; Jagetia 2022). indicate that in reality genetic damage is due to OS in cells (Yakymenko et al. 2016; Panagopoulos et al. 2021; Yakymenko and Tsibulin 2022b).

Long-term animal carcinogenicity studies have recently shown that rodents exposed to simulated 2G or 3G MT EMF developed brain and heart cancer accompanied by a significant increase in DNA damage (breakages of strands) in the brains of exposed animals (Falcioni et al. 2018; NTP 2018; Melnick 2019; Smith-Roe et al. 2020), supporting the fact that DNA damage is the main cause of cancer-induced environment.

Two studies comparing the bioactivity between 2G and 3G MT EMF/active mobile phone radiation found that both types of MT EMF induced DNA damage and histological changes on the developing liver and brain. chicken embryos, 3G.

While anthropogenic ELF and RF EMFs (in fact WC) are classified as non-ionizing and classified by the IARC (2002, 2013) as "potentially carcinogenic" (group 2B), the carcinogenic/lethal effects of radioactivity (alpha particles which are 4 He2+ consisting of two protons, helium nuclei which are high energy and two neutrons, electrons high energy and gamma radiation consisting of high energy photons)

(Klimov 1975; Burcham and Jones 1995; Prasad 1995) have been recognized. shortly after its discovery in 1896, when pioneering scientists died of cancer without knowing at that time its danger (Hall and Giaccia 2006). Radioactivity is emitted by the unstable nuclei of natural atoms (such as 235U, 226Ra, etc.), and after the early 1930s it is also emitted by artificial radionuclides formed in atomic particle accelerators by collisions at high energy or in nuclear reactors. (Klimov 1975; Burcham and Jones 1995). In addition to alpha, beta, and gamma radiation, high-energy neutrons and protons are also forms of radioactivity, and x-rays and even ultraviolet (UV) rays (to a lesser extent) are also forms of ionizing DME. Finally, cosmic ionizing radiation consists of various types of ionizing particles like mesons, neutrons, etc., and gamma rays.

3G développaient un cancer du cerveau et du cœur

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