Driving glasses PRiSMA CLASSIC DRiVE 85 Day&Night – E923D
Driving glasses PRiSMA CLASSIC DRiVE 85 Day&Night – E923D
Driving glasses PRiSMA CLASSIC DRiVE 85...
Driving glasses PRiSMA CLASSIC DRiVE 85...

Driving glasses PRiSMA CLASSIC DRiVE 85 Day&Night – E923D

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PRiSMA® CLASSIC DRiVE85 Day&Night glasses to improve visual sharpness and contrast in the car both day and night!


VAT applied 20%, exempt for deliveries outside the EEC.


PRiSMA CLASSiC DRiVE85 driving glasses

LENSES: DRiVE85. BluelightProtect DRiVE Day & Night light in amber color, completely anti-reflective, which filters out more than 85% of dazzling blue light from xenon and LED headlights.
Thanks to an excellent light transmission of 87%, fully complies with European standards for detecting light signals for use in road traffic even at night.
APPLICATION: Ideal for daily and nighttime use in road traffic with an ideal ratio of blue light protection, light transmission and color rendering, especially for professional drivers.
BENEFITS: Noticeably sharper, glare-free and higher contrast vision in traffic fatigue-free and safe mastery of even longer journeys in difficult light and weather conditions, followed by restful sleep.

A pair of Prisma® "Classic Drive ®" glasses - Drive Day & Night
Category 0 filter
1 silver metal spectacle frames
1 pouch for transport
Option for spectacle wearers:
There is a CLiP-ON PRiSMA ® DRiVE Day&Night specials to attach to your eyeglass frames if you wear glasses.

The PRiSMA® Classic DRiVE Day&Night goggles are designed for riding day and night. The light transmission properties meet all the requirements for being able to ride at night.

PRiSMA® Classic DRiVE Day&Night is an ideal pair of glasses for driving. The special yellow filter glasses have intense and very pure colors and are a feast for your eyes. Increasing the filtration properties of these lenses greatly improves both visual acuity and contrast. Unwanted reflections from visual impairment and the blue light component are greatly reduced.

Vision with classic sunglasses on the left
and vision with PRiSMA® Classic RiVE Day&Night glasses on the right

During the day, these glasses improve sharpness and contrast. The nervous system is helped by the effect of the yellow color and the ability to concentrate as well. If used overnight, they can be extremely soothing to the eyes.

The light from the headlights of more and more modern cars and the spread of xenon models contains a very high proportion of blue. This can cause many people to have an increased sensitivity to glare. Many people find this light blinding and are uncomfortable. With the blue filtering effect, the lenses of the PRISMA ® Classic DRiVE glasses filter a high amount of blue. The results obtained are smoother vision, a more relaxing sensation and improved visual contrast.

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