ESI 22 wave detector
ESI 22 wave detector
ESI 22 wave detector

ESI 22 wave detector

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This state-of-the-art device makes it easy to detect and assess low-frequency electromagnetic pollution in your environment, at home or at work.

Excellent identification of WIFI-WI-max, relay antennas, GSM, DECT phones, various wireless systems, microwave ovens...

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16 Hz to 3 KHz detection strip

The ESI 22 allows:

  • to identify low-frequency radiation,
  • set up precautionary distances and arrange these devices according to long-term rooms and exhibition spaces,
  • to control the radiation bubbles generated by everyday devices,
  • to control electrical installations,
  • to check the effectiveness of armour systems.

Simultaneous field detection:

  • power lines, power supplies, various electrical appliances, bedside lamps, etc.)
  • magnetic devices (transformers, radio-wakes, furnaces, very high voltage lines...).
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