CEMPROTEC 33 high frequency detector
CEMPROTEC 33 high frequency detector

CEMPROTEC 33 high frequency detector

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Electromagnetic fields detector, high frequencies from 1 MHz to 8 GHz.
Low frequencies (electric and magnetic fields) from 10 Hz to 5 kHz
Indicative table provided with the values corresponding to the LEDs.


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Developed in France, the Cemprotec 33 is a state-of-the-art detector that measures the entire electromagnetic spectrum (electrical, magnetic and high frequencies)

Very practical, this solution makes it possible to differentiate by ear the different sources of high frequency radiation (Wifi, Bluetooth, DECT telephone , antennas, etc.)

LEDs make it easy to visualize the intensity of radiation. Their colors (green, yellow and red) indicate the power of the radiation detected in the environment.

The level of electromagnetic radiation continually increases, the Cemprotec 33 detector allows you to control your level of exposure and identify sources in order to avoid overexposure to electromagnetic waves. It is a very practical educational tool for every day!

Equipped with ultra-sensitive antennas with a sampling frequency of 20 KHz, the Cemprotec range measures high 4G or 5G frequencies in 'average' or 'peak' value with great ease; it is a real asset for people with electrosensitivity.

For the detection of magnetic radiation, the detector is equipped with three specific coils which allow very precise measurements.

The Cemprotec 33 is a versatile electromagnetic wave detector. It allows you to easily control your exposure for multiple radiations.
On three screens, it simultaneously detects electrical, magnetic and high frequency radiation.
Driving from unique know-how developed since 2009 , this detector combines excellent detection precision and detection levels corresponding to the tolerance thresholds of electrosensitive people.
For what uses?

• When buying, selling or renting a home, the Cemprotec 33 allows you to quickly make a diagnosis.
• Find the precise sources in the event of strong suspicion of radiation in a home, also in an outdoor environment.
• Daily use for electro-sensitive people who control their private or professional environments, or when traveling.
• In schools, it is possible to check whether the portable devices are turned off in the classroom.
• In a hospital environment, particularly in procedure rooms, it is possible to instantly know the radiation level in order to avoid interference between surgical devices.
• People with a “pacemaker” (cardiac stimulator) must remain careful not to be subjected to too powerful radiation.
• Prevention of real estate agents or co-ownership trustees to control during a sale or acquisition of a property, or before or after the installation of a relay antenna.

Why is the Cemprotec 33 the most interesting device in its category?
✓ Simultaneous detection of electrical, magnetic and high frequency radiation
✓ High detection sensitivity, well below the traditional thresholds used
✓ Very wide detection spectrum, from 1 MHz to 8 GHz for high frequencies, and from 10Hz to 5kHz for low frequencies, with acoustic analysis.
✓ The sale price is very competitive with French manufacturing quality for electrosensitive people.

Technical information
• High frequency detection spectrum from 1 MHz to 8 GHz
• Low frequency (electrical and magnetic) from 10Hz to 5kHz
• Table indicator provided with the values corresponding to the LEDs
• Dimensions (HxLxD): 178x50x33 mm
• 1 year warranty. Weight: 90g
• 9V battery power supply (included)

• High-performance antennas
• Versatile: bass detection and high frequencies
• “FULL HF” mode very useful for electrosensitive people
• For private and professional use
• Three-dimensional detection of magnetic radiation
• Acoustic analysis
• French manufacturing, delivered with a manual in French, English or German, and a battery ready to work
• Excellent quality/price ratio

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