Shielding Loop Indy
Shielding Loop Indy
Shielding Loop Indy
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Shielding Loop Indy
Shielding Loop Indy
Shielding Loop Indy

Shielding Loop Indy

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HF (High frequency)

The scarf is a must-have and will help you harmonise your look in any style, making it more concise and complete. This fashionable accessory has even gained popularity during the warmer months.
More and more fashionistas can be found wearing scarves in spring and summer, which proves once again the relevance and importance of an accessory like a scarf.

Our new Indy model is a snood that you can wrap twice around your neck.

Indy is in line with the current effortless chic movement, which aims to combine comfort and style. This snood is pleasant to the touch. We have chosen it in a variety of colours to match as many outfits as possible.
Among its many advantages, the most important is the protection it offers against electrosmog, thanks to its screen fabric lining.

Screen fabric: silver nylon
Loop fabric: Viscose
Print: mixed colours in yellow tones
Width: ca. 33 cm, length ca. 140 cm


VAT applied 20%, exempt for deliveries outside the EEC.

  Frequency / Application (MHz) Decibel (dB) Percent (%)
Tetra 450 450MHz 30dB 99,9%
LTE 800 800MHz 40dB 99,99%
GSM 900 900MHz 40dB 99,99%
GSM 1800 1800MHz 30dB 99,9%
DECT 1800 1800MHz 30dB 99,9%
UMTS 2000 2000MHz 30dB 99,9%
WLAN 2400 2400MHz 20dB 99%
LTE 2600 2600MHz 20dB 99%
WLAN 5800 5800MHz 20dB 99%

Care instructions:
gentle washing at 30°C
Do not use disinfectants or cleaning agents that contain chlorine!
Do not use any fabric softeners!

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