ESI 23 wave detector
ESI 23 wave detector
ESI 23 wave detector

ESI 23 wave detector

This state-of-the-art device makes it possible to simultaneously and very easily detect and evaluate low-frequency and high-frequency electromagnetic pollution in its environment, at home or at work.

Like a Geiger counter, the ESI 23 detector can quickly analyze its exposure to electromagnetic radiation and identify its sources.

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It can detect electrical, magnetic and high-frequency radiation simultaneously.

For example: Wi-Fi, DECT phone, mobile phone, power supplies, baby phone, microwave, relay antennas, computer, television, chevêt lamp...

Technical information:

Detection Spectre

High frequencies: 50 MHz to 3 GHz

Electric, magnetic: from 16 Hz to 3 KHz

Calibration grid provided with manual


Easy to use

The best value for money

Low and high-frequency detection

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