In the age of digital technology, we are constantly exposed to blue light emitted by our computer screens, televisions, smartphones and tablets. Although this light may seem harmless, recent research suggests that it can have adverse effects on our health. However, there is a simple solution to reduce the effects of blue light: yellow filter glasses. In this article, we'll explore how dangerous blue light is and how these glasses can help protect our eyes.

The Effects of Blue Light
Light blue is a short wavelength that emits a high amount of energy. When we are exposed to this artificial light for long periods of time, it can cause various health issues. Studies have shown that exposure to blue light can disrupt our sleep cycle by suppressing the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that regulates our internal clock. This can lead to insomnia issues and disrupt our circadian rhythm.

In addition, blue light can impact our eyes. Research suggests it may contribute to eye fatigue, dry eyes and irritation. In the long term, it can also increase the risk of developing eye problems such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts.

 lunettes à filtre jaune
 lunettes à filtre jaune

The role of yellow filter glasses
Yellow filter glasses, also known as blue light blocking glasses, are designed to block some light harmful blue emitted by our screens. They filter out high-energy blue light, reducing potential harm to our eyes.

One of the key benefits of these glasses is that they help improve visual comfort. By filtering out blue light, they reduce eye strain and irritation, which is especially beneficial for people who spend long hours in front of computer or smartphone screens. Glasses with a yellow filter can also help prevent headaches related to visual fatigue.

In addition, these glasses can improve the quality of sleep. By blocking blue light before bedtime, they help restore our body's natural circadian rhythm and promote better quality sleep. This is especially important in a world where we are often exposed to screens late at night.

The blue light emitted by our screens can have adverse effects on our health, disturbing our sleep and causing eye problems. Yellow filter glasses have become an essential tool to protect our eyes from the harmful effects of blue light. By filtering part of this light, they reduce eye fatigue, irritation and contribute to better visual comfort. Plus, they help regulate our sleep cycle by blocking blue light before bedtime, promoting better quality sleep.

It is important to be aware of the potential dangers of the blue light emitted by our screens and to take measures to protect our eyes. In addition to wearing yellow filter glasses, it is also recommended to take regular breaks from using screens, adjust the brightness of our devices and limit exposure to screens before bedtime.

By investing in yellow filter glasses, we take care of our eye health and general well-being. By adopting good screen habits and using these goggles, we can enjoy technology while preserving our vision.

 lunettes à filtre jaune

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